Our Mission

We strive to reduce poverty, injustice and inequality, and further economic and social development in partnership with the people and communities throughout Lesotho and Africa as a whole.


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    Skillshare Lesotho is a registered local volunteering and development organization working in partnership with local organizations and organizations to reduce poverty, injustice and inequality to further economic and social development.

    Our contribution is to champion the rights of people and communities facing discrimination, disadvantage, and marginalization through promotion of active citizenship and community-led development. Our focus is on supporting people and communities in the following context:

    • A Right to Education
    • A Right to Access Health care
    • A Right to Economic Security
    • A Right to be Active Citizens

    We believe in the power of sport to further the education of young people and to promote positive youth development in communities that face poverty, unemployment and inequality.

    Our Services

    The day to day services offered are nested on our program areas;
    • The placement of international development workers with their partner organizations.
    • Capacity Building; Enhancing the capacity of partner organizations and communities through deliberate efforts like placement of volunteers, organizational development etc.
    • Financial resource development, such as building the capacity of programme funding.
    • The Leadership Development Programme (LDP), which is an initiative designed to develop the strategic leadership skills of the former Skillshare Lesotho's partner organizations.
    • Direct Service delivery especially in community health, human rights advocacy, economic strengthening

    Our Vision

    A world without poverty, injustice & inequality where people, regardless of cultural, social & political divides, come together for mutual benefit, living in peaceful co-existence.

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